Respiratory Patient Centered Care™ (RPCC™)

The care and treatment of a patient who is diagnosed with respiratory disease must consider the whole patient and should be centered on the patients' needs and preferences to ensure full engagement and compliance with their treatment plan.  


  • Patients must be able to make informed decisions based on their knowledge and education about their condition and the care and treatment of the patient must incorporate a comprehensive partnership with all healthcare professionals involved in their care.

  • A new approach to managing complex respiratory conditions to keep patients at a stable state in the low cost environment (their homes) must ensure that the health care team has a thorough understanding and knowledge regarding all components of respiratory modalities and technology used to treat patients.  

  • The "new normal" includes systems of care within Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) that include respiratory therapists with specialized training in managed and integrated care systems.  


StratiHealth designs programs unique to your organization and provides respiratory therapist staffing and management   Effective communication between the healthcare team and patients requires the knowledge and expertise of a respiratory professional to ensure better health and financial outcomes.  It should be supported by evidence-based practice and solutions tailored to the specific patient's needs and should be culturally appropriate. The overall services and solutions provided by StratiHealth includes: