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Brits show up U.S. oxygen efforts


LONDON -- British officials plan to invest in high-end home-oxygen technology as a way to reduce expensive hospital stays and emergency room visits. Now if only their U.S. counterparts, who can't seem to cut HME reimbursement often enough, would also see the light, say industry sources."To invest in technology that they believe can keep people out of these high cost areas is wise," said Vernon Pertelle, Apria's national respiratory manager.In June, England's health minister, Jane Kennedy, announced a comprehensive plan to improve home oxygen services for the country's 60,000 patients who receive the service.

The new improvements to the service will include the latest equipment, including lighter weight cylinders, smaller, more efficient concentrators, liquid oxygen and portable systems that support greater mobility and independence. Patients will also be provided with round-the-clock access to expert support.  Read More

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