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President & CEO Message

The United States Healthcare system is undergoing a significant transformation in order to reduce expense, improve quality and make healthcare more affordable and available to the majority of citizens.  While the United States is the leading industrial nation in the world our healthcare system pales in comparison to other countries when it comes to price and access to care, preventive care and basic services.

Quite frankly, we pay way too much for healthcare.  A recent report by the International Federation of Health Plans in an article by Modern Healthcare showed U.S. private insurers paid up to 26 times more for basic physician and hospital services compared to the same types of services for private insurers from 10 other countries; this despite the advances in technology and innovation of new and emerging efficient methods of healthcare delivery in the U.S. (Report PDF)

Blame it on our capitalistic society or on the inherent need to increase profits, or on overeating too much cheesecake, smoking, or other lifestyle choices that lead to disease; but the outcome is the same: higher costs without the commensurate better health outcomes.   As we consider the percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for healthcare, the expense for care has grown exponentially while access to services, well-visits to prevent issues has declined and as a result the costs continue to increase.

The Kaiser Family Foundation noted that the cost of health insurance for a single individual - - not including their family increased by over 200% in a period of only 9 years. When considering the overall cost per family it increased by over 100% while their paychecks in no way grew by the same percentages. 


The report noted that the United States spent $253 billion for healthcare in 1990 while in 2008 that amount increased to $2.3 trillion, whereas the expense per person grew to $7,681 equating to 16.2% of the nation’s GDP.  Many of us have opinions about how to reduce expense and improve quality yet despite our political affiliation the fact remains that we have to do something soon. 

Needless to say we need healthcare reform, and we have to become more efficient with how we utilize our resources to deliver the best possible health outcomes.  We can take an individualized approach and collectively improve our operations, services, support systems and information technology to make a difference as we develop alternatives to the current system.We understand that we can make a difference in service, solutions, technical knowledge, business expertise, and we differentiate ourselves by providing long-term support and services following our engagement to ensure your ongoing success.  We invite you to learn more about the opportunities that are available to you and want to help you to make a meaningful difference!  Thanks for visiting our Web site and I wish you all the best!


Very truly yours,


Vernon Pertelle

President & CEO, StratiHealth


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