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Clinical Trial Feasibility Review

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Before you enroll the first patient, StratiHealth performs an assessment to assist you with answering important questions about the why, what and how to conduct the clinical trial.  Your ultimate success in answering important questions is related to your ability to effectively execute on-time and on-budget.  


We begin with the question to help you determine if it is possible for you to be successful with developing an effective protocol; patient enrollment; principal investigator resource availability and all of the important details required for clinical trials.  Once we have completed our assessment, we support the visioning to determine if the answer can be obtained with the available resources.

Once the answer is yes: 


We consistently deliver on time enrollment in an industry where 85% of clinical trials fall behind schedule due to poor patient enrollment. Such accurate clinical trial assessments requires dedicated and determined investment of time and resources.


Every project that we engage in is given a thorough assessment by dedicated staff. These dedicated professionals determine clinical trial study feasibility for each criteria:


  • Medical feasibility

  • Clinical feasibility

  • Logistical feasibility

  • Regulatory feasibility

When assessing the feasibility of a clinical trial, we cover every angle to make sure we can deliver on time. Our experts review your protocol and recommend sites, timelines based on the data.

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