Health Care Operational Efficiency


Health Care Workforce Analysis


StratiHealth has developed considerable knowledge and expertise in health care workforce analysis and management. Our talented team of professionals are skilled in analyzing workforce trends, workforce management, and workforce scheduling to optimize resource and staff use. 

In much of our work, we have developed and implemented customized models to evaluate health care workforce supply requirements, along with Lean Six Sigma and change management initiatives. These models were then applied to forecast the adequacy of supply and to analyze the impact of potential policy scenarios along with decision support tools to analyze options for staffing.


Lean Six Sigma


The importance of reducing waste while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction are at high levels and are front of mind of all senior healthcare leaders.  Organizations face unprecedented complexities in balancing cost with productivity and ensuring value added services while mobilizing their managers to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Most mid level managers and directors are perplexed with how to in improve their respective areas of operations and are frankly out of ideas when it comes to improving cost performance relative to productivity.  Smart leaders recognize the need to supplement their knowledge with sophisticated methods and processes to improve operational performance in a balanced manner.

They understand the need to take an active role in the deployment of Lean Six Sigma; partnering with proven experts to help them succeed.  


Strategy & Operations


Executable strategy requires fusing insightful thinking with disciplined execution to achieve breakthrough performance.  Today, senior executives grapple with attaining profitable growth, strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risk. Such challenges require more than identifying new possibilities and making tough choices. They also require bridging the gap between vision and execution.


Our Strategy & Operations teams bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to our clients’ most complex business problems.​Our strategy capabilities span corporate and business unit strategy, M&A strategy and sales and marketing. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique issues facing health care organizations, service businesses and infrastructure operations. 


Revenue Cycle Management


StratiHealth assists organizations in all components of revenue cycle management, from the point of entry through patient access; scheduling through patient services; and medical management through patient financial back-end services, including management of denials, appeals, and collections—all of which are monitored by a strong compliance program.​Stratihealth has identified and resolved both common and uncommon challenges for our clients to ensure that they meet government compliance requirements and industry best practices.

Our revenue cycle management services promote quality health care by helping clients achieve efficient, effective, and ethical revenue cycle practices. System solutions for large and small health care organizations include quality assessments; operational reviews; bill, chart, and remit reviews; and compliance activities (patient registration, coding, billing, and denial management).


Regulatory Compliance


StratiHealth helps to navigate the uncertain waters that exists in today's dynamic and complex environments.  Challenged with regulatory requirements and the "new normal".  The challenge with implementing requirements imposed by the new healthcare reform measures are significant. 


The electronic transactions must be HIPAA-compliant and every health care system, interface, business relationship or vendor application will need to be evaluated - including financial reporting, data on quality, disease management and case management systems, management reports and provider contracts - just to name a few. Coupled with this is the need to ensure survey and audit readiness with state, federal and The Joint Commission standards.  

StratiHealth Lean Process

Stratihealth’s focus on operations performance improvement features the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) approach. LSS is a performance improvement methodology aimed at reducing waste and cutting lead time (Lean) while reducing variation and improving quality (Six Sigma). LSS is a balanced, people-focused methodology that can be implemented at all levels and in any organization type to enable improved productivity and quality within a set time frame.