StratiHealth assist our clients with achieving superior business outcomes from our services and solutions as well as those of our business partners.  We help you to stay informed of the trends and issues in health care through our network of valuable resources and support your most complex operational, financial, systems and people challenges to help you achieve and maintain success.

WolfCreek Partners is an organizational development and organizational effectiveness services provider with expertise in uncovering dynamics that inhibit exceptional personal and professional performance of individuals as well as leadership teams with large, medium an small health care organizations.  WolfCreek Partners in addition to health care provides services and solutions for other industries as well.

ECRI Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization that researches the best approaches to improving the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care.  ECRI provides unbiased, evidence-based healthcare research, information, and advice that enables your organization to:

  • Assess and address your patient safety, quality, and risk management challenges

  • Select the safest, most effective medical devices, procedures, and drugs

  • Procure healthcare technology in the most cost-effective manner 

  • Develop evidence-based health coverage policies

  • ​Align hospital and health facility capital investments with your strategic technology needs

Valley Inspired Products (aka VIP) is well known and respected throughout the respiratory care industry and has completed numerous clinical and performance evaluations on products utilized in the home respiratory care field, and specifically has strong product knowledge of oxygen delivery systems, sleep products (CPAP devices and accessories, PSG, sleep screeners), and home ventilation products.

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) at the University of Miami is a leading provider of research education content. CITI's web-based training materials serve millions of learners at academic institutions, government agencies, and commercial organizations in the U.S. and around the world.  StratiHealth is a registered affiliate of the CITI Program.

The Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) performs independent reviews of more than 2,500 new clinical trials while also monitoring approximately 6,000 ongoing trials. This equates to reviewing nearly 8,000 investigators conducting new research each year, and monitoring nearly 20,000 ongoing investigator sites. WIRB's experience reviewing such a vast range of protocols—of every size and level of complexity—is proof they have the capacity, expertise, and efficiency you require.