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Vernon Pertelle, President & CEO StratiHealth

Portable O2 technology: Does an access problem exist?


VIENA, Va. — A move by physicians to convince Medicare to pay more for lightweight ambulatory equipment than for oxygen concentrators has its heart in the right place. It isn’t, however, based on evidence that a lack of patient access to this high-end equipment currently exists, say HME industry leaders.In March, the National Association of Medical Directors of Respiratory Care (NAMDRC) began applying the finishing touches to a position paper that lobbies for the end for Medicare’s modality neutral reimbursement methodology for home oxygen.



Also in March, AAHomecare’s Respiratory Access Alliance met with NAMDRC to express its belief that now is not the time for a reimbursement change of that magnitude.“As with any evidence-based approach, we need to define the problem, and currently it's unclear if one exists that would warrant such a recommendation in a time when there are many more definite issues that need to be resolved,” said Vernon Pertelle, Apria’s corporate director of respiratory & HME services, who attended the March meeting.


“If there is a problem, then we need to collaborate and agree on what steps need to be taken to develop appropriate solutions.”  Read More

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