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Vernon Pertelle

Respiratory standards are necessary to assure quality in NCB


Standards make an enormous contribution to most aspects of our lives although very often that contribution is invisible to the naked eye. It is the absence of standards that often identifies and magnifies their need and importance.

The home medical equipment industry has changed substantially over the last 20 years, and it is clear today that all HME is not equal. In an industry that lumps an elevated toilet seat in the same category with mechanical ventilators, standards are critical. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, while concurrently the economic pressures in the acute health care environment are sending more medically fragile and clinically complex patients home.


This growing patient population frequently have greater technical and clinical home care needs and less available resources. HME providers are in the business of providing complex health care services; and HME providers are essential in the continuum of care.An HME provider delivers complex clinical equipment and services in one of the most important yet least regulated and controlled health care settings -- the patient's home.  Read More

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