Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

StratiHealth is committed to diversity and inclusion. We understand that building and sustaining a diverse and most important an inclusive environment is key to attracting and retaining top talent. A diverse and inclusive culture helps to build and foster employee engagement, creativity and innovation. ​We realize that an inclusive environment requires both individual diversity awareness skills and effective organizational systems.

StratiHealth Diversity and Inclusion

StratiHealth’s leadership in diversity and inclusion stems from our recognition that being a dynamic company requires people with rich backgrounds and diverse perspectives. We celebrate diversity and inclusion in numerous ways including a robust Cultural Heritage Month education and awareness program. After all, we live and do business in a diverse world with diverse needs. At every level, the best performance will come from people who understand and appreciate this.

StratiHealth Diversity and Inclusion

The most successful partnerships are sustainable and synergistic. Therefore, StratiHealth places significant emphasis on an organization’s values, integrity, and ability to advance our relationships in diverse communities. We actively nurture partnerships that offer:

Recruitment Opportunities

Business Development

High Brand Visibility

Supplier Diversity Initiatives

Sustainability/Health & Wellness

StratiHealth Workforce Wellness

Wellness is central to our daily interactions with our customers. We help support a balanced lifestyle and the people of StratiHealth are sensitive to the specific needs of people at every stage of life. And our commitment extends to being a trusted resource for wellness in our workforce; we encourage it with our clients as well.

StratiHealth Diversity and Inclusion

StratiHealth believes that employee networks are a catalyst for ensuring a fully inclusive and open environment that provides opportunities for all employees to fully contribute to our business success. The company supports the formation and operation of networks that:

Provide professional and personal growth for all employees; Provide education and awareness for its participants and other employees; Help drive the company’s mission, core values, and diversity strategy.

Our practice focuses on:

Clarifying diversity/inclusion vision and leadership

Aligning systems, policies and procedures to support diversity and inclusion

Fostering an inclusive organizational culture

Developing diversity and inclusion skills

Developing a global mindset that enables us to compete in a global environment