Clinical Research

Clinical Research

StratiHealth believes that evidence-based practice is essential for ensuring the most optimal health outcomes for patients at the least possible cost.

We are focused and committed to help support the advancement of healthcare and inform decision-making regarding the delivery of care and treatment for patients to help them achieve a better quality of life.

StratiHealth supports technology assessments through our partner network of health technology assessment experts who are unbiased and have published bodies of work in peer-reviewed medical journals.

StratiHealth believes that evidence-based, clinically sound processes will improve both the quality and the cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery in the United States and drive performance improvement under healthcare reform.

Through the methodology utilized to achieve new knowledge to drive decisions; the end results are the improvement of patient outcomes and information that effectively supports policy development and decision making regarding healthcare coverage determinations and integration of treatment alternatives in the care of patients.

We conduct evaluations on a myriad of medical technologies to determine the impact on:

Health Outcomes

Economic Outcomes

Resource Utilization

Return on Investment

We support medical device manufacturers, large, medium and small hospitals and health systems, health plans, government programs, employers and providers and help them determine the need to integrate the results from our assessments as evidence into their processes and decisions.

StratiHealth will assist you throughout the entire process.

We will serve as your Contract Research Organization (CRO) to help augment your staffing needs where the expertise may exist yet you do not have the capacity to focus on all of the aspects of the process to evaluate your technology.

We can help you determine the clinical study design with a focus on which patient outcomes and economic endpoints are essential in demonstrating value to support the appropriate study budgets that ensure the most optimal results.

We help you toidentify data in support of economic and health outcomes focused on treatment options and costs that lead to greater payer insights that support your marketing and business development strategies to increase knowledge of your medical device and its clinical utility in the challenging world of health economics.

StratiHealth will develop the framework and structure and lead the entire process of design and launch with a comprehensive project plan to keep you on track and on budget to achieve the desired end points.

Chronic Care

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