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Management Consulting

Health care organizations face challenges including internal operations, financial planning, strategy development/implementation, and government regulation and compliance. Within this complex environment, leaders must make astute, well-informed decisions that can be clearly communicated to the organization’s stakeholders.StratiHealth is a leader in the business and strategy of health care organizations and our team posses significant experience and knowledge regarding the challenges many sectors face in health care.


We are committed to delivering smart and practical solutions to complex issues, on-time andon-budget, across the spectrum of healthcare organizations. StratiHealth offers a unique combination of creativity, insight, and experience that allow our clients to be among the top decile of best performing organizations in health care within their sector.

Business Development

Business Development


The StratiHealth Change Model™ with modeling specific to your organization and sector, forecasting, and decision analysis expertise helps to deliver systems-based business intelligence, business analytics and decision support solutions to create the business case for new enterprise or vertically integrated businesses for your organization.  

We leverage expertise in top industry business intelligence platforms such as Oracle and SAS, with significant experience in supporting large, medium and small organizations.​Our knowledge along with a steadfast commitment to decision science and emerging methods enable our clients to access business information that is essential to optimizing timely decisions and organizational performance and create an effective business case for new or vertically integrated businesses for your organization.  

Project Management

Project Management


StratiHealth provides effective project management for your needs and collaborate with you to lead the process of planning and executing a project, whether small, medium or a large-scale project.  

As opposed to working within the context of a routine business process, StratiHealth supplements your leadership and operations team by developing a comprehensive project management plan with a definite beginning and end point on budget and on schedule.  

The ability to complete a project on-time and on-budget requires a different set of skills and tools than running a long-term successful business.  That is why StratiHealth's team of consultants and certified project management experts help you ensure the project’s success.

Financial Effectiveness & Turnaround

Financial Effectiveness and Turnaround


The process of an effective turnaround requires a methodical approach to sustain the gains.  Our process is completed in several phases with our tools & techniques, along with supporting documents produced at the conclusion.

The process and progress is highly visible throughout the road map and is posted in a conspicuous location in your organization to celebrate success.  The primary phases include a strategic assessment of the environment followed by an internal assessment of the organization. Next is approval and alignment with the key stakeholders.  And finally collaboration with the management team to plan the projects selected and assign accountability for results.  We support the entire process post implementation to ensure success, integrate changes, and provide coaching for the leadership team when challenges occur.  We use scientific interpersonal techniques with our Prissence solution for organizational development and organizational effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


You need to improve your operational efficiency, but that alone will not redirect your organization toward sustainable profitability.  You must extract the maximum benefit from every dollar you spend, but you must also spend less.  You cannot stay trapped in the crisis mentality of the present.​StratiHealth supports improvement by engaging the leadership team to think strategically; carefully examine the market for trends and opportunities; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


​We then use these analyses along with StratiHealth Change Model™ with modeling specific to your organization and business sector to guide improved operations and better revenue through service line development or new profitable business ventures.

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